We finally got our hands on the exact woven strap that Jimi used at Woodstock, and man, is it a cheap piece of crap!  So, of course, we tore it apart, pulled off that thin plastic backing that is intended to pass for "leather", threw out the crappy plastic tips that are supposed to hold your guitar up at the peg-holes, trashed the cheap hardware and made a real strap out of the nice woven piece that was left.  We've stitched the woven strip on top of our gorgeous, supple chap leather, added black kidskin tips and suede backing.  We placed eyelets at the adjustment holes to be able to make the strap look as much like Jimi's as humanly possible, using as much of the woven fabric as possible.  Of course, we've added our Blackened Brass adjustment buckle, which helps to distribute the weight of your guitar, and makes our straps the most comfortable ones around. 

We are launching this strap in our Regular and Long lengths at a nice discount for this Private Sale.  Straps will be created as quickly as possible (we have a nice stack started) and will be shipped as soon as possible!  If we're nearing the end of our Private Sale, it may take us until the first week of December. Early orders will ship within a week.

PRICE:  $179