Firefighter Guitar Strap

Bob Vertiz and Jeri lost their dearest friend, Kelli Ingardona, to breast cancer on Apri 12, 2010.

Kelli was a firefighter, wife, dedicated mother, and the best friend anyone could have.  Kelli saved lives from burning buildings, but lost her own life at the young age of 45, with two young boys at home.  She was a heroine, a fighter, and one of the most amazing women Bob and Jeri have ever known.

Before her death, Kelli bought gifts for her dearest friends, sadly, we all knew they were going away gifts.

Kelli purchased this custom strap for Bob, and it was an honor to create it, a gesture of love from Kelli to a dear friend she was forced to leave behind.  

Our lives will never be the same without her, and she will be missed dearly by everyone who had the privilege of knowing her.

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