This is a custom guitar strap that we can replicate, and it is definitely an affordable way to go if you want one of our custom straps!  We start with a naked piece of thick and supple belt leather, which we dye red and paint black.  We bevel the edges to frame the black with an outline of red.  Then, we hand cut musical notes, a bass symbol and 2 initials from two colors of kidskin which are layered.  Kidskin overlays are glued, then sewn down, so this strap can be rolled up and smashed into a guitar case for the rest of the wearers life, and still look as good as new! Bass players love the width and adjustment system on our straps, as it distributes the weight of the bass beautifully!  All of our straps are backed in high quality suede.

This strap can be replicated for around $350.