The "Sheriff Skull" guitar strap is made from our top-notch black chap leather and kidskin overlays.  The white kidskin bones are layered over brown kidskin and the "Sherrif" is made with kidskin layers as well.  The overlays are hand cut, then glued and sewn securely to the strap.  We add your initials in kidskin "bones" on the back of the strap.

The "Sheriff" strap is made with the same exacting qualities and select leathers that make our custom straps sought after by the world's greatest musicians, yet at a price you don't have to be a rock-star to afford! This design is owned by Miranda Lambert, Ira Dean, Lucas Martin and several other well known musicians!

Just type in your current guitar strap measurement, lay your strap out flat and measure from the center of one peghole to the center of the other peghole to get the measurement we'll need.  We normally create custom guitar straps to have 7 inches of adjustability, you can have more or less if you wish. 

We will contact you about your custom guitar strap order shortly after your order is placed.  If you want to change any colors on this strap, you can tell us in the notes on the payment page, or when we get in touch with you.

All of our guitar straps work with strap locks, but if you use them exclusively, let us know and we will simply punch a hole for locks instead of doing a keyhole shaped peg-hole.

"Stock" Custom Guitar Straps normally ship within 2-4 weeks.

PRICE:  $249
Custom Order Strap Locks?
Strap Length
Up to Three Initials
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