This is a custom guitar strap  that you can order and personalize at a quality and price that we daresay no-one competes with!  We crackle paint kidskin overlays in our studios, then hand cut your name in a variety of font styles, you can choose any font if you like (well, most any!), or we will supply you with several options. Our starting price includes up to 10 letters.  A layered emblem is added to the back,  you have several choices for your emblem.  The kidskin overlays are glued down, then stitched to our own hand-dyed, hand-painted belt leather, and the edges are beveled to frame the strap.  We back it in suede and add our own signature adjustment buckle.  We will contact you upon receipt of your order for font and emblem customization.  Your custom strap will be shipped within 4 weeks of ordering.

In order to find the proper measurement, lay your current strap flat and measure from the center of one peghole to the center of the other peghole.

Strap Locks
strap length: