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The best way to contact us is to e-mail us!  We don't answer the phone while we're working (we're likely to cut off or sew through a finger if we stop working to answer calls), so please e-mail us for the quickest response!  Our e-mail addresses are all listed below, or contact any of us at info@jeridesigns.com. 

If you're more comfortable with a phone call, you can reach us at 314-280-5374, we might answer, but if we don't, we'll call you back as soon as we safely can!  Our robot arrives sometime in 4th quarter of 2016, phone calls will be answered promptly upon his arrival!


We are located in St. Louis, Missouri, smack dab in the Hartland of the U.S.!  Our guitar straps are handcrafted in our studios by artists.  None of our guitar straps are mass produced, and every piece of leather is hand selected for quality.  We have created our top of the line guitar straps for over a decade and have never, that's right, never, ever, had even one guitar strap returned.  We think that says something about our quality!

(p.s., please don't tell our competition, they might buy one just to return it...)


We create the world's most beautiful and unique hand-crafted custom guitar straps, as well as incredible replica guitar straps and our own "off the rack" guitar strap line. Our top of the line custom guitar straps are worn by today's most popular musicians, as well as favorite sports heroes, politicians and, well, hopefully, YOU!

You've already probably seen our guitar straps on numerous music videos and countless concert venues.

All of our products are hand crafted in our studios in the US with top of the line leathers and hardware. 


Our online store offers a quality line of guitar straps that you'll never find in a local music store, for some pretty amazing prices. 

There are literally hundreds of custom guitar straps on our site, so check out our Custom Guitar Strap and Celebrity Guitar Strap pages for just some of the amazing, one of a kind custom straps we have created!  We dare say, our custom straps are works of art for your guitar.


Jeri Hart

President, Designer and

Chief Dishwasher (the sink is full of dirty dishes)




Bruk Longbottom

Artist, Designer,

Right Hand Man

and Resident Bassist




Jake Brown, AKA "Thor"

Hammer Wielder, Artist, Writer,

Brute Squad





Elaine Browning

Product Development Director, Attitude Adjustment Enforcer






Angie Pieper

Artist, Designer

Jeri's Personal (and Everything Else) Assistant 



David Karns

World Class Bassist

Air Brush Artist

Currently on tour with

Craig Campbell



Pink Hart

Designer, Seamstress,

Pinch Hitter



Tim Hallquist AKA "Batman"

President of Keep the Sky from Falling and the Oceans from Swelling Department

  • jeri designs™ guitar straps are hand-crafted with top of the line select leathers, kid-skin, snake-skin, elk-skin, and other exotic leathers, genuine gemstones, and our unique oxidized hardware. 
  • Our custom guitar straps are literally "functional art".  Created to be tough enough to be treated like any other guitar strap, but beautiful enough to be treated as an heirloom!
  • jeri designs™ guitar straps have no equal in quality and design factor.  The custom guitar strap division of jeri designs™ is our passion and our art, so nothing leaves our studio that isn't downright beautiful.
  • We do not use leather adjustment pieces on our straps, jeri designs™ guitar straps are full length guitar straps that are as beautiful from the back as they are from the front. Our guitar straps are more comfortable because they are full length, the entire strap supports the weight of your guitar.
  • We hand-dye, hand-paint, hand-cut and hand-bevel our straps.  We oxidize our own hardware so that we can achieve EXACTLY the color and look desired.  Our guitar straps are the most luxurious, supple, beautiful straps on the planet earth!
  • jeri designs™ custom guitar straps reflect the personality and sentimentalities of the musician.  Our custom guitar straps implement symbols, ideas and even gemstones that have personal meaning to you, the wearer!
Since our guitar straps are created with design elements from one end to the other, we display our straps on our site so that you can see the front and back of the guitar straps.  Click this link: STRAP LAYOUT to see a diagram of our photo layouts.