This is our replica of the well known peace sign and dove guitar strap owned by Neil Young.  This guitar strap was originally a 2.25 inch wide, black strap with white peace symbols and doves.  Neil modified the strap by having it sewn onto a 3 inch wide black leather guitar strap.   We start our replica with a soft strip of distressed black leather, then we add peace symbols and doves created of white kidskin.  We have spent a couple of years poring over photos of the original strap and have cut our overlays to look just like Neil's.  We then sew the emblems on the black leather and sew that on top of a soft, supple black leather strap.  Of course, we've sewn it on upside down, just as Neil wears the strap today. 

PRICE:  $189
"Love Notes" from some of our Neil Young Guitar Strap clients!

Hi Jeri,

Got home from our Thanksgiving trip on Saturday to find that my Neil Young guitar strap had arrived. It's truly a thing of beauty, and the loving attention to detail and craftsmanship is abundantly evident. As advertised, it's a dead ringer for the one I've seen screwed to Neil's "Old Black" on the many occasions I've gotten to see him. I don't plan to screw mine onto my guitar, but I do plan to get many enjoyable years of use out of it as I bang out Neil Young covers and other tunes.

Thanks very much,



Hey Jeri-

Just received the strap (N.Young) today, WOW!!! Just awesome. I have had a couple of replicas over the years that were laughable compared to this. Not only the detail,(upside down signs etc) but the quality of leather, stitching, width, feel, just great! It even smells fantastic!! Thanks so very much.
I promptly ordered another one, actually two, I have a nephew who will flip when he gets one as a gift.
Thanks once again for a great piece of work!!
All the best,


WOW!  Alexander's guitar strap arrived today and we couldn't be more impressed.  I am very grateful for the quality and the workmanship.  It is awesome that his is #13 as that was his old basketball number in his glory days as a teen. Thank you so very much because he is playing at this very moment and it is so wonderful.  The strap has improved the playing already!  He is quite an accomplished player and I am just joking. "Like a Hurricane" is sounding very good!  Thank you for taking the time to develop and implement the quality you have.  It is amazing.  I am very pleased and I will pass the word around!!!!




Your straps are gorgeous! Thank You so much, I've received them yesterday. The measurement for the Gilmour strap is 50".
Best regards,

(Radu promptly ordered a custom Gilmour upon receipt of his Neil Young strap!)


Hello again

I have now received it (Neil Young Strap). I'm absolutely delighted with it! You've done a beautiful job.

Thank you so much



Hi Jeri,

Have had my strap a few weeks now, and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am.

Comfortable, looks great, well made, brilliant design and a fab company to do business with.

Thanks very much, and next time I need a strap I'll be in touch!




Hi Jeri,
 Just wanted you to know that I hold the title for getting my boyfriend the best gift ever with your Neil Young guitar strap!  He absolutely loved it...the quality and resemblance to the original are amazing.  I'm sure he will be enjoying this for years to come.
 Thanks again!