Jerry Garcia Replica Guitar Strap-Sewn Version

We ended up creating two versions of this Jerry Garcia Replica Guitar Strap, one that is an exact replica and one that is backed with suede and sewn (this one).

It was a bit of a struggle for us to create this just as Jerry's original was, as it requires no backing, and we're sticklers for a nice thick, quality strap, that we run through the sewing machine!  So, we made two different versions.  If you want an exact replica, go back a page and click on our Exact version.

The leather is thick and supple, dark brown like Jerry's. The strap is cut to 2.75" wide, with a thinner 1.75" strap in the front for adjustment.  We've attached the buckle with a strip of the same leather and Chicago Screws for a secure hold and oxidized the buckle to look like Jerry's.

The design allows for 9 inches of adjustability, but as you get closer to the shortest length or longest length, the strap doesn't hang just like Jerry's does, so we are cutting all of these straps to your custom length.   You will have 4 inches of adjustability on either side of the measurement you supply.  Just measure your current strap from the center of one peghole to the center of the other peghole and put that measurement in the box below. 

Give us a few days to create and ship your Garcia strap.  All of our straps work with strap locks, but since we're cutting these custom, we can create it to only work with strap locks if you like, just let us know on check out!

PRICE:  $94

Strap Locks?